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Iowa Monster Buck

January 21, 2010 by  
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Now here’s a picture of a giant late season whitetail buck from Iowa. The email report claims this whitetail green scored in the 240″ range. That’s a monster buck!  This buck’s rack looks like it has 16+ scorable points and great character, mass, and width.  It was harvested in the late Muzzleloader season.

The Iowa DNR as well as many private landowners are doing a great job of managing their deer herd for older age class bucks. If you’re a serious whitetail hunter you should consider building points in the Iowa draw. Check out for more info on hunting in Iowa and a list of potential outfitters.

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3 Responses to “Iowa Monster Buck”

  1. brandon says:

    shot late season muzzleloader

  2. Nick says:

    This is the buck that the Drury brothers were chasing for several years. The full story can be seen on their newest 100% wild DVD.

  3. Chad Myers says:

    We are looking for monster buck photos to use on a new website we have for wall graphics focused on deer / outdoors. I’m interested if we could use this photo as an example on the site?

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