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Iowa Gun Season with Tim Herald

December 4, 2012 by  
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IOWA – First Gun Season

Everyone dreams of drawing that Iowa tag, and after a 2 year absence, I drew a first gun season tag. I booked a hunt with Straight Arrow Outfitters in Albia on the advice of my buddy Bill Winke, and I just couldn’t wait. Well, in the days leading up to the hunt, it was evident that the weather was going to be terrible. In a post rut hunt in December, you want really cold temps to drive the deer to food sources in daylight. The forecast has been for 60 degrees for the first 4 of 5 days of the season. It couldn’t be much worse, and with my luck so far this year, I really considered just canceling my hunt altogether.

Opening day we went out and saw 4 does and a younger buck with a  good frame, probably 125ish. Evenings are usually way better this time of year, and though it was 60 degrees, I saw over 25 deer and 6 bucks on a turnip field. There were four 2 year-olds in there between 115 and 120, but no big boys. It did give me some hope.

When we got back to camp, everyone had see 25-35 deer, and 2 guys had killed. One hunter killed a beautiful mid 150’s 10 point, and another guy took a wild looking non-typical that scored 175! I felt like I might actually have a chance to punch a 2012 tag …stay tuned and Hunt Hard…Tim H.

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