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Iowa Gun Season-Day 2 with Tim Herald

December 6, 2012 by  
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Day 2 in Iowa…

Well morning of day 2 couldn’t have been much worse weather wise. It was 50 degrees before daylight and a super heavy fog. We setup on the side of a big pond that deer usually skirt on the other side to go to their bedding area but after about 40 minutes, the fog was so thick, we couldn’t see more than 40 yards. We pulled out, but on the way back to our cabin, we got a call that 2 more of the Straight Arrow Outfitters clients had scored. Another 140 something and a 150 buck were taken!

I went to a small turnip field that afternoon and sat up behind some hay bales. I was the only guy in the group with a  tag left so I was hopeful. 60 degree temps again, and I had made up my mind that the first mature buck I saw was going down. We had no activity until 45 minutes before dark, and a buck walked out of the timber and began feeding. I glassed him, and was just shocked. The buck was only about 12″ wide, but he was really heavy, and had crazy big brow times that I estimated over 9″. He had really long G-2’s, and his beams actually crossed. He wasn’t an Iowa giant, and I knew not the kind of buck that Steve Hanson and Straight Arrow usually produce, but he looked mature, especially considering the mass, and he was so unique, I just had to take him.

I lined up the crosshairs of my Nikon Monarch and squeezed the trigger of my TC Pro Hunter. It was a chip shot at 75 yards and the buck made two leaps and he was done. Again, he isn’t a high scoring buck, though he did stretch the tape to 140, but he is super unique, and I am very happy to have him, especially in these warm conditions.

My takeaway from this hunt is just how incredible the hunting has been here at Straight Arrow Outfitters. With just awful conditions, we all saw lots of deer, and in 2 days, we all tagged out. I can’t imagine how good the hunting would be if we had good cold December weather. In this area it takes a few preference points to draw a bow tag, but you can draw a gun season tag with 0-1 points and about 75% draw on late muzzleloader season. If you have ever wanted to hunt Iowa, you should call Stave Hanson and look into his outfit at Straight Arrow…Hunt Hard…Tim H.


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  1. Great job Tim, way to stick with it!!

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