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Indiana Backyard Buck…

January 20, 2009 by  
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I received this in an email and it certainly has to be one of more interesting big buck stories I’ve ever heard…

This kid was coming from the woods after hunting the morning on his Grandpas farm.

I believe Jennings Co. Indiana . As he was walking back to the house he sees this Monster buck fighting with a concrete statue.

He walks up to it and shoots but hits it in the leg, the deer runs about 50 yds away and stops.

You will not believe the story on this one, I didn’t either until I saw the pics.

I guess he decided that he was going to go back and whip this concrete deers butt.

He turns around and takes a dead run at the statue crashing in to it,

the deer knocks himself out and the statue falls on his head pinning him down.

The kid knocks another arrow and shoots the deer, in the picture it looks like twice.

Anyway as you can see by the pics he killed the deer and supposedly this deer green scored around 230″.

If that is correct and they allow it as a bow kill this will be the new state record for archery.

The current record in P & Y is 221.

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8 Responses to “Indiana Backyard Buck…”

  1. John B says:

    The “Indiana Backyard Buck” story is one of the most discusting stories I have ever read. Does this hunter have any kind of morals? How could he be proud of taking such a great animal this way? The shot placement looks horrible, especialy if the dear was knocked out and pinned down by the statue. Any hunter that see’s no wrong in taking an animal under these conditions should have his hunting license revoked. The operators of this web site should be ashamed for publishing this crap.

  2. woolard a says:

    John B, you sound like one of THEM. especially when you come on this mans website & say he should be ashamed. I’ll leave it at that!. I would take him bedded down asleep, looking the other way, with 1 broke leg, with 3 broke legs, knocked out, upside down, under a truck, etc.

    NOW, let me say that personaly I say the story is BS.
    Why would this buck want to hunt a female (no bones on the statue that I see!) If anything I would think he would hurt himself trying to well…you know…
    have relations with her.
    Anyway, there’s always a possiblity I guess but I say BS.

    Thank you, Thank you very much

  3. John B says:

    Ya I’m one of “them” hunters with a real sense of fair chase. I’ve been a deer hunter for 30yrs and hope to get 30 more in. Stories like this anger me because all they do is give the anti’s somthing to talk about. Ashamed probably is not the right word, how about poor judgement by the editor? So far I’ve seen nothing but entertaining and good stories on this sight. The editor is just that, he has the power to reject a story from his sight if he feels it is untrue or in poor taste. It’s his site, he controls the sites destiny to fail or succeede thats all. I agree with you i think the story is BS also.

  4. woolard a says:

    John, I had you figured for a PETA person. nice to know you are a fellow hunter. Those people love to visit hunting & fishing sites such as this & bash away.
    I to have been hunting & fishing for 30+ years & well… as long as it wasn’t illegal I would take that big guy any way I could get him. Again, as for the story, I just can’t bring myself to believe it. Sorry.
    Over & out.

  5. Dan G says:

    John, I will agree, the story is pretty despicable. The story its self, and everything about it, including the fact that for some reason it took upwards of 3 shots to kill him point blank.
    I have been an avid hunter for 15 years, and I can tell you that at my house, that deer would have had a lot of embarrassing pictures on my wall being bested by a fake deer, but it would have undoubtedly been set free, (and I would have hunted my property every moment of day light till I bagged him leagally).
    All of that aside, the reason I am writing is to say that I don’t agree with bashing the operators, publishers, editors…, for publishing this story. The people running this website didn’t say anything in this story about agreeing with the way that this animal was taken. They are simply giving us the chance to see this magnificent animal, despite the horrible story. It is unfortunate that this deer had to be taken this way. I for one am upset because I LIVE IN INDIANA, and now my bar is set higher by some idiot! I am glad that I at least had an opportunity to see this deer though, and that was made possible by the people that put this website together. I may not like the way that it happened, but I thank the people that published this for being so thorough. Without them, I would have never seen that deer.

  6. John B says:

    Dan G, Maybe I was a little rash in my rush to judgement. I guess sometimes I forget there are other parts of the country that are a little more hunter friendly, there for it’s hard for one bad apple to spoil it for others. My state is very unfriendly to hunters and we are in a constant battle to keep our rights. Deer run around here like rats and nobody wants you to hunt them because it’s not politicly correct. Yet, It’s ok for the town council to vote to hire a sharp shooter to thin the herd at night at a cost of $150 per deer!! The older I get the less tolerant I am of idiots, both politicians and hunters. Sometimes I forget that I was once young and stupid also. I will chalk this up as an episode of “The Joy’s of getting old.”

  7. Dan G says:

    Hey, I here you about the over abundance of idiots. I seem to have the opposite problem that you have. The property that I hunt is a meager 45 acres, as are most of the surrounding properties. The sad part about my area, is that everyone thinks that they can just bring ALL their friends hunting at the same time. This makes for about a 1 to 1 deer to hunter ratio. So I can pretty much forget gun season. Too dangerous! Fortunately, they are mostly fair weather gun hunters, (and not good ones at that). So I at least have my early and late bow seasons. Beggars can’t be choosers, and that is all the property I have. In the last 10 years I have been lucky enough to bag 3 bucks in the 130 to 140 class, and my father shot a beautiful typical 169 1/8!
    Any way, no hard feelings, I just wanted to be sure that the blame was going to the right person. That story makes me sick, I just wish that a more deserving hunter was able to take that awesome deer.

  8. Lance R. says:

    i say congrats>>>> statue on the deer knocked out or not you killed a record class animal you didnt tell him to fight the concrete statue ….. Another jennings co. hunter supports ya

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