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Illinois 2008 Deer Hunting Outlook.

June 17, 2008 by  
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For those of you who might be planning on taking a deer hunting trip to Illinois this year may find this information helpful.

The figures below are based on 2007 either-sex permits issued for firearm and archery hunting seasons. Totals include landowner permits, archery, youth (firearm), regular firearm, and muzzleloader seasons.

1) Number of Deer Hunters in IL. 167,739 Archery; 237,820 Firearm
2) Estimated Whitetail Population 750 – 800,000
3) Harvest total for 2006 197,509
4) Harvest total for 2007 198,670
5) Percentage harvested by Modern Firearms (65.5) / Archery Gear for 2007 (32.4)
6) County with the highest harvest totals in 2007 PIKE


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