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IA Hunt Report – Big Buck Down!!!

December 6, 2009 by  
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Hola from southern Iowa…This was one hunt I was really looking forward to. I drew an Iowa first shotgun/muzzleloader season tag this year, and I was going to hunt with one of the deer hunters I respect most in the world, Bill Winke.

Now Bill doesn’t do anything but hunt with his Hoyt bow anymore, but he allowed me to come hunt his farm with my TC Endeavor this year. Bill and his guys are producing some incredible webisodes at on a weekly basis (or more frequent). I have been watching and keeping up with their hunts and bucks all fall as I knew I would get to hunt some of the same places.

I reported a week or so ago that Bill had told me the big deer had disappeared after the rut. Well the day before I came out, Bill saw a 170+ and a 150 just out of bow range. The day I arrived, one of his friends and neighbors arrowed a 175 buck, so we felt pretty good about the hunt. Bill did advise me to take the first good mature 4.5 year old or older buck I got a crack at.

The first morning, we just saw a few does, but we figured that the evenings on food sources would be our best chances. Yesterday afternoon, we hunted just off a standing bean field, and deer began to just roll into the beans. About a dozen does, 2 year and a half old bucks, and a 2 and a half year old 8 pointer came out.

30 minutes before dark, we spotted a good buck coming toward the field, and I got the TC ready. He came straight in, and it didn’t take long to see that he was mature and a super 8 pointer.

He entered the field and began feeding at about 75 yards, and we rolled some footage of him for THE ZONE. Finally, I centered the crosshairs on his shoulder, and hammered him. The buck ran about 40 yards, staggered, and fell off into the creek.

We recovered him, and I couldn’t have been happier. This is the kind of deer that you come to Iowa for. A big thanks goes out to Bill Winke and the crew for having me in for the hunt. You can view all the action of my 150″  8 pointer on MidwestWhitetail.c150 IA 8pt reducedom in the next week or so, so tune in.








This morning, Curt (sorry Curt for not having a last name) of MidwestWhitetail, killed a 150″ 10 pointer on film as well.

Curt IA 2009reduced







The story doesn’t end here. I will post what happened today in tomorrow’s post. It was a pretty exciting and incredible afternoon here in southern Iowa. Check back in to hear “the rest of the story”…

Hunt Hard…Tim H.

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