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So what do you do in a slump?

October 19, 2011 by  
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Tim’s latest report, 2011 has been a tough season so far…

OK guys…I don’t want to sound like a whiner, but I am in a serious hunting slump. I have been there before and I am sure I will be there again, but it still stinks. Send us some comments about what you do when you get in a slump.

This one is particularly bad for me as it has taken my 3 most looked forward to North American hunts and one to come and has really been bad. First, I was never in the game on a New Mexico archery elk hunt. I love chasing bugling bulls better than anything, so not even being around elk was a huge bummer. Then the biggest hunt of the year, Alaskan peninsula brown bear turned up with a goose egg as well. That is the #1 North American big game animal on my hit list, and to come home empty was awful. We are going to still make a show out of it as it was a cool trip, but the time and money invested in that one, and no bear, really was rough.

Then I came home, didn’t stay but 18 hours and we took off for a couple days of crossbow hunting with my twins. I love this hunt so much, and we did have a good time together, but neither son got a shot. We had some close calls, but no shots, and this was 3 of their very few days to get to hunt this fall with our travel schedule. I was really disappointed for the boys, and I am starting to feel cursed.

Next up, I had a good whitetail/mulie hunt booked for November 12th in South Dakota for me and a buddy. The outfitter calls and says they are having a huge EHD outbreak and almost all the deer are dying, and he wants to cancel the hunt. I drew a great SD tag, have flights booked, etc., but now I have no hunt in prime time November! The snowball keeps rolling.

I am trying to keep a positive attitude, but I’m getting worn down and pretty frustrated right now. I am definitely not looking for pity, just sharing my experiences this fall. I hear so many people say, “All you TV guys have it made. You go to the best places, animals walk out in front of you all the time, it is easy, you are spoiled and it is one big vacation.” NOT!!!
I have spent a huge amount of time away from my family, but in long hours in severely uncomfortable conditions, have pressure to bring back shows, and it hasn’t been working at all. This is no vacation.

I am packing today to leave Wed. for England where I will hunt red stag, roe deer, birds, etc. I just hope my luck turns and things fall into place. We will give it our best and keep trying. I hope all you guys are having a better fall than me :)

Keep after ’em, and …Hunt Hard…Tim H.



2 Responses to “So what do you do in a slump?”

  1. Waking up to our local, central, Ohio news it appears you may be able to tag out on a Grizzly in Muskigum or Licking county along with some Lions and Tigers!!

  2. Scott ward says:

    That’s why it’s called hunting and not shooting. I have been in Kansas for 2 weeks and no shooters
    Trust me it’s not the lack of shooters . It was me not finding the good stuff. Some times we need to rethink our approach and switch it up . People say it’s October and the big boys don’t move . I call bs , my buddy found the big boys and set up on them and killed. So I say hunt harder or find a outfitter that works harder than you it’s that simple . Keep your head up you sound like you know what your doing , we all have are ups and downs and are true character will only be shown when we are down not up . Your field articles are awesome keep it up you are a successful writer even when your unsuccessful In your hunt.
    May your flecthings fly true, S.W

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