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Hunting Report #3 from Tim’s Safari

August 21, 2011 by  
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Tim’s latest report from his African Safari

Day 8: After a buffalo party last night, we got a late start. We stalked some Niassa wildebeest, but there was no bull. Not long after we saw a 3 year old male lion off the road and watched him a while. We hadn’t driven 50 yards from him when a big old black maned lion jumped out in the road and crossed in front of us. He was magnificent.

Ended the day stalking to 75 yards on a lone sable bull, and I thought we were in business. Turned out he had no secondary horn growth, so we passed. You would have shot him anywhere else…

Day 9: Sable whipped us again.

Day 10: Decided to go hunt along the riverine area today. I was able to take a nice Johnston’s impala with a good quartering to shot. Hammered his shoulder and out by his hip, and he still went 100 yards. I just can’t believe how tough these African animals are.

Later in the morning, we found a good Crawshay’s Defassa Waterbuck bull with about 15 cows. We stalked, moved, stalked, I got on the sticks at about 150 yards, but he kept the cows between us. We made another move and came out of a patch of jungle to find him at 30 yards, no time for a shot. We kept at it a while and I finally got a hard quartering to shot at about 80 yards. The big TC .450 with Winchester Nosler Partitions smacked him in the shoulder and straight through the middle of the heart, and he bucked up and still dashed 50 yards dead on his feet.

Jim called and wanted us to go with him to shoot a croc around noon. We went to the spot where the big lizard was sunning, but he had gone back in the water. We built a blind and got the area set up in case he comes back tomorrow. We’ll check and try him then.

We had a great sable stalk in the afternoon, but though I had a bull in the crosshairs at 100 yards, he still wasn’t old enough. Tomorrow is our last whole day to hunt. We need a break on the sable…

Hunt Hard…Tim


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