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Holiday Season is a Great Time to Hunt Texas…

December 24, 2009 by  
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When most of the deer seasons are shutting down, the whitetails in the Hill Country and south Texas are still very active and seasons are open. Most years I schedule a hunt somewhere in Texas for the timeframe between Christmas and New Years as a closeout to my whitetail hunting. 

This year I will be hunting the Harris Ranch near Uvalde, Texas. The hunt is conducted by Mike Stroff and SOE Hunts ( ) . I have known Mike for a long time and enjoyed a phenomenal turkey hunt with him in April so I expect nothing less from thi sdeer hunt. I just found out today that the ranch has internet, so I hope to be able to make some from the field posts between the Holidays.

I will be in camp with some friends from WInchester Ammo, TC, and Hi Mt Seasonings, and I am sure the hunting will be good and the food even better.  

Check back in, and hopefully I will post some good buck photos between the 27th and the 31st.  Until then, I sincerely hope everyone has a safe and blessed Christmas…

Hunt Hard…Tim H.

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