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Hockensmith Brothers Get Their Buck!

November 9, 2010 by  
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The following hunting report was submitted by Mike Hockensmith. He and his brother and hunting buddy Jon have been hunting several bucks on their farm in Kentucky. Mike’s brother Jon, just closed the deal on one of their shooters. They had this buck on several trail camera pictures including the one below. Congrats to Jon on a great buck!

Well, after seven hard weeks of hunting, my younger brother, Jon, finally connected on one of the mature deer that we had on our trail cams.  Within 10 days of the Kentucky archery season opening, all of our older deer became almost exclusively nocturnal.  We would catch them at odd times through the day on our cameras and there were the occasional sightings at first and last light, but other than that, everything was at night.  We moved our setups numerous times to try to stay ahead of them, but they always seemed to be one step ahead of us.  While talking to the land owner that joins our property, we discovered that he had being seeing some big deer crossing his pasture and coming on to our property near the front of the farm.  We moved our cameras and sure enough, the mature deer we had watched all summer were now using this portion of the farm.  After selecting an ambush spot, we hung a stand and waited for the right wind.  The first night the wind was right, Jon climbed into the stand and waited through a painfully boring afternoon, not seeing a deer all evening.  Then with only minutes left of legal shooting light he saw two dark shadows emerging from the cedar thicket.  After glassing them, he recognized both deer.  They were our two big eight pointers and both were four year old deer.  They were both shooters in his book and it was only a matter of which one would offer the first shot opportunity.  They quickly approached and the wider of the two turned broadside and offered a clear shot.  Jon drew and released the Rage tipped Victory arrow.  The combination proved to be too much as it zipped through both lungs and the deer exploded from the field, piling up only forty yards away.

This was not the biggest deer on our property, but a satisfying end, none the less,  to a tough season.  There is something to be said about persistence and the reward of putting in the time and finally succeeding.  Last year Jon shot a mid 150’s buck the first night he hunted, so this year he was due to put in a little time and effort, but I think he will agree that it was well worth it.  Congrats to him and best of all I still have a KY tag in my pocket and bigger deer still on the hoof.

Mike Hockensmith



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