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Here we go to Africa…by Tim Herald

July 26, 2012 by  
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Folks, I want to share with you the excitement that I am feeling. I am on my way to my favorite place in the world to hunt- Niassa Reserve in northern Mozambique. This is the wildest of live, no fences, the real deal. I love the place and I love Kambako Safaris, but, what I am so excited about s the fact that I will be hunting a WILD African lion for 12 days. I never thought I would get this opportunity, but it has happened. This is none of that canned in a fence South African lion stuff- this is the King of Beasts on his terms.

Normal lion hunts are 18-24 days, so I am cutting it short, but we will give 100%. We are also looking for only an old 6+ year old lion, and that cuts our odds down as well. It will be fun and exciting no matter what.

I will also have Cape buff and Sable tags that will be high on the list as well as many plainsgame animals. I am ready to hunt after a 4 month break, and I am literally chomping at the bit. I plan to try to do periodic updates on our progress here at

A bit on gear: I will be shooting a TC Dimension with a .300 WIn barrel topped with a Nikon Monarch 4x16x50 scope. I am shooting Winchester Ammo topped with 200 grain Nosler Accubonds that perform very well. There is controlled expansion, lots of penetration, and pinpoint accuracy. My heavy gun is my TC Icon in .458 Win topped with a Nikon Monarch X 2.5×10 scope. I shoot Winchester Safari ammo loaded with Nosler 500 grain Partitions and Solids. They shoot the same hole, and that makes me very versatile. Obviously there is a lot of thump there, and I hope to shoot the lion with Partitions and the buff with solids if I get the chance.

I am also taking Nikon’s newest bino, the Monarch 7. It looks great, is very compact and has their famous ED glass. Cabela’s light weight wool wicking socks and safari shirts round out my gear bag. It is important to wear cool, breathable clothing that dries quickly when hunting in warm temps in Africa. My next installment will be straight from the Dark Continent, so check back regularly.

Hunt Hard…Tim H.


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