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Ginormous Kansas Buck

December 11, 2009 by  
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Troy Henderson provided this cool hunting report on his once in a lifetime monster buck from Saline county Kansas and just as importantly his son’s first buck, a nice 10 point, taken the very next day.   What a super season, congrats Troy!  Pictures are small but you can double click on them to enlarge and really see how big this buck is !


Opening day of the 2009 Kansas rifle season started a little different than I had planned, a friend of mine was sitting not far from where I had been watching a nice typical 14 point for several weeks.  Not wanting to ruin his opening morning I decided to walk some deep draws and hedge rows to the east, the night before was very cold and windy and the deer might be in heavy cover.  I had covered about a mile when I heard a shot to the west.  I turned from the hedge row I was following and began working my way into the wind through a wooded draw.  I had stopped for a moment, looking through the trees and surrounding pasture when this buck came running down through the trees at me.  I had 10 – 15 seconds to look at his rack, he stopped about 30 feet in front of me and presented a perfect broadside shot. Must say I’ve never done this before, but I was staring at his rack and not through my Leupold scope when I pulled the trigger on my Remington 700.  Fairly sure I shot under him, he bolted for the creek and as he ran I looked and thought “there’s no hole in this deer”.  Don’t remember reloading but the next shot hit him good and 10 yards later he dropped.


I’ve shot a few bucks, nothing spectacular. The racks go above my desk and we all enjoy the back straps.  Never took any field photos of the deer, just planned adding the rack to my collection and having the meat processed.  Obviously, didn’t know what a monster buck I had!  My friend who had shot at, and missed this buck moments before I shot him, helped field dress and load him into my truck.  We were talking about what a nice addition to my collection this would be.  We later met up with some other friends to compare deer and then I realized what a giant buck this was.  Another friend of mine a who is a successful bowhunter began making calls and soon we were in his garage with the measuring tape. His friends spent a fair amount of time trying to figure out how to score this big deer.  I’ve never done it and wouldn’t know where to start.  Never really meant much to me, I’ve always thought the memories and stories are worth far more than a rack. After some discussion the total was 22 scorable points with a green gross score of 245 3/4. When they told me that I had to ask, so just how big is that?  I guess it’s pretty big.

By the way, I have attached a photo of my son’s first buck which he took the very next afternoon.
I’m actually far more excited about him getting his first buck than I am about having a possible state record.  He’s 14 and took a really nice 10 point.

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4 Responses to “Ginormous Kansas Buck”

  1. Fred says:

    Awesome story Troy. Congratulations again! :)

  2. Troy Henderson says:

    Final score
    Net 235 7/8
    Gross 250 6/8
    New #12 in Kansas

  3. JT says:

    Congratulations Troy, that is one serious monster buck! Get out there and find another one!

    Good hunting,

  4. Mark West says:

    Not bad for a skinny old piece of dung from KANSAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    wasssup Brother?!?!?

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