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Garrett’s Massive Ohio Buck

November 7, 2010 by  
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Avid hunter Garrett Baker from Virgina submitted this picture and short story about his 2010 trip to bowhunt big deer over in Ohio. Congrats to Garrett on a harvesting a massive old monarch!

Fortune fell in my lap.  Two days on stand, high winds, low deer numbers, but it still worked out.  The barrel chested buck with a mess on his head, walked right in as the smaller 3.5 year old stood his ground.  The old white faced, chocolate horned pig of a buck started to bristle.  At only 10 feet from the younger buck, the fleching zipped thru my arrow rest.  SWAK!!!.     The whole evening built up to the last moment as we take something so precious that we love.

The series of events that lead to an opportunity to harvest a mature buck can never be understated.  It is not about scent blocker, rangefinders or camo patterns.  It is all about deer behavior, landscape makeup, habitat, weather, wind, timing, stand placement and a little luck.  When it works it is awesome!

Best of luck to you all.


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