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Garrett Makes it Happen

November 17, 2011 by  
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Garrett Baker from Virginia submits his 2011 hunting story and picture. Sometimes you have to adapt and improvise to get your buck, and that’s exactly what he did, congrats!

Blowing 25 mph again today!  After 3 days of high winds and rain, it was time to take to the ground and go after them hillbilly mountain style.  Taking to the ground to hunt mature whitetails with archery tackle is risky business.  With a 12 buck count over 3 days and no shooters, odds are in my favor for a large buck encounter.  Slipping with wind in my face I worked my way to the top edge of a hemlock thicket.  Open low understory afford up to 100 yard of site line for any deer working the area below.  Patiently working my way down slope over the course of 5 hrs, watching a few does periodically, finally a doe showed up with a buck.  The big ten keeping her close, courting his lady in waiting not pushing her, milled slowly along the contour below.  Without hesitation, the stalk was on, moving like a puma to cut them off, I slipped to within a 50 yard crossing point.  The buck’s inherent nature to position himself above the doe, put him at the 40 yard mark.  Senses high the whole event felt like it was in High Definition.  Five more feet I moved to open up a shot window.

Undetected the bow came to full draw, pins settled, the arch of the fletchings and shaft dropped into his chest.  Gave him some time, he was piled up at only 60 yards from point of impact. Great harvest, experience shows about 1 in 15 bucks is a shooter.  Fortunately number 15 was the right buck and applying the stalking skill set nurtured by my father hunting mountain whitetails bought it all together.

Cool temps and light winds, Garrett


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