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Gabe and Wes Tag Out!

December 23, 2011 by  
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Gabe Adair and Wes McConnell are agents for Whitetail Properties. These guys manage their farms year round for big mature bucks. Check ’em out.

Gabe Adair harvested his Iowa buck in Decatur county on Nov. 27th 2011 with a Bear bow. Here’s his story. I have tons of history with this buck since 2008 ( we were pretty sure he was 4yr old in 08) pics, sheds, encounters. Never hunted this buck until this year when he grew less than 5 inches from 2010 and we are confident he is at least 6.5 yr old. Wes McConell in 2009 was hunting my farm and had multiple encounters with him and named him “Shorty” because he has always has a very short G3 on one side. We hoped to cull him from the herd.

A cold front had came through day of hunt and it was very windy with overcast skies. Has been hunting a stand 150 yds away from the tree we harvested shorty out of and watched multiple shooter bucks walk past this tree on prior 2 sits. I have said for 4 years of owning my farm “that cotton wood tree will be a killer stand, if you could ever get into it without blowing all the deer out”. We finally got the NNW wind we have been hoping for to hunt the cotton wood after a rut that had been full of S winds. My camera man and I packed in our 2 Lone Wolf stands, climbing sticks, and all of our camera gear. We quickly hung the set and stayed in it for an evening hunt. We were in the middle of a great bedding area for does, a picked bean field, and a Imperial Whitetail Clover Plot.

Shorty approached the stand from our backs (west) and gave us almost 15 minutes of pre-roll as he walked out of the Imperial Clover Plot and made his way to 20 yards from the base of our tree. He gave me the perfect broadside shot and the Meat Seeker 3 blade hit him perfectly behind the shoulder and passed completely through. He only trotted 30 yards and fell dead in the bean stubble. No blood trail needed!


Wes McConnell was hunting his farm near Atlas, IL on Dec. 10, 2011. He was shooting a TC Bone Collector with a Brunton Scope, 100 grains of Triple 7 black powder with a 250 grain shockwave sabot.

We have been watching this buck for a couple years and nicknamed him “Biggie”. He is a 4 or 5-year-old buck. The late season is an awesome time to hunt the Hill Ground farm. Deer stage in the Imperial Clover plot before moving out to the big grain fields in the Mississippi river bottoms. There was a north wind of 8 mph, and it was around 42 degrees. It was the first day of sunshine after a cold front moved through. We were hunting in a banks blind that I’ve shot several bucks out of during the late season. Biggie appeared at the opposite end of the clover field. He had his head down feeding most of the time, so it was hard to get a good look at him. He was at 150 yards when I shot him. The shot looked good on film, so we went back to look for him that night, but we didn’t find a drop of blood, so we backed out and waited until the next morning. I awoke early and got ready. We found him at first light, he hadn’t gone 90 yards.


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