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First Buck for Elias!

December 9, 2011 by  
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Great story sent in from a proud Dad about his boy’s first two deer and his awesome shooting ability. Congrats Elias, keep on knockin’ ’em down!

My son, Elias Ramsey, took his first deer last year at 11 years old. He shot a doe with his Thompson Center Omega topped with a Bushnell scope at 175 yards from a ground blind. I was on the other side of the woods when I heard the shot. As I made my way over to him, I asked him where the deer was. He said, as he point out in the field, “out there!” I looked out in the field and saw this little dot. So I asked him how far it ran after he shot it. And he said, “it didn’t run, it dropped when I shot it.”  I never would have taken the shot, but I guess he didn’t know better – it seems we had discussed everything about hunting except the distance.

This year, at 12 years old, he took his first buck an 8 point at 130 yards. When I saw two bucks and a doe out in front of him from the buddy stand he was in, I radioed him and asked him why he wasn’t taking a shot. He said, “Dad, I don’t have a clear shot on the bigger buck yet.” Not even a minute later I heard the shot go off. I was hundreds of yards away on the other side of the field so I had no idea how far his shot was until I got over to him. He dropped the buck on the spot just like he did the doe from the year before.

Two deer, two shots, one from 175 yards. and the other from 130 yards. I am not sure if I have a son with a lucky shot or a little marksman on my hands (I believe the latter as he gets his skill from practice….and Xbox 360 – ha ha).

Proud Dad,

T. Scott Ramsey


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