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Final Kansas report…from The Zone

December 7, 2010 by  
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Finally back from western Kansas hunting with Back Rhoads Outfitters ( Let me say that I have never ever seen so many big deer on a hunt in my life. The number of 150-170’s bucks was just unreal. I didn’t hunt a day and not see at least one buck of this size, and many times multiple.

As I reported before, the worst thing was that almost all of the really big deer had majorly broken antlers. We passed a lot of 140 and 150 bucks early, and by day 4 of the 5 day hunt, all of us in camp had shifted our goal to shooting a mature buck that was in tact.

I had seen and passed a 150ish 10 point a couple of times, and we decided to hunt him that morning. We got setup just before dawn near a CRP field where bucks were traveling from a wheat field. I spotted the big broken 170 class buck from day two immediately. Then a really nice 8 point came by, both before legal shooting time. After legal, we finally saw a buck headed our way, and he was a high narrow 8 pointer, and he came from 400 yards to about 15. Five minutes later, we heard a shot out by the closest road, and a moment later we could see 3 bucks running from that direction. I glassed them and saw our 10 pointer, and got ready. They ran through our field, the big 10 stopped broadside within 200 yards, and my cameraman told me he was on him. As I clicked the safety off, the next buck in line literally bumped the 10 in the rear, and it pushed him over a hump in the field and I didn’t see him again until he was at 500 yards!

That afternoon, we spotted some decent looking bucks on a wheat field a mile or so off the road. We studied the situation and decided that we could drive around about 4 miles and ditch the truck. Then we would try to utilize a creek to cut the distance and then finally crawl through some tall CRP to the edge of the wheat. I knew it would be a long stalk, and in the afternoon, the deer might move way out of range, but we had to try.

It took 2 hours, but finally when I crawled out to the edge of the wheat, the deer were scattered from 70-300 yards. there were 5 mature bucks. Three were 8 pointers and two 10’s. None were huge, but all were nice. Two of the 8’s had broken brows, and I finally determined one of the 10’s was the best. I knew he was no monster, but he had great brows, good bases and was in tact. He was at 294 yards, the farthest deer.

I finally got in position and on my sticks, and I waited. My buck was actually bedded, and I had to wait on him to get up. After 10 minutes, he did, and he moved toward an ancient old 8 pointer. They looked each other over, and then the 10 moved to the right. As son as he stopped, slightly quartering away at 254 yards, I centered my Nikon Monarch behind his shoulder and squeezed the trigger of my TC Venture. The 180 grain Winchester Accubond found the bucks heart, and he was down and out.

My Kansas deer was a really nice deer, but I have to say that he wasn’t one of the ten largest deer I saw. I want to go back to that area and hunt on a year when there wasn’t a terrible drought and the big boys aren’t all broken up. I feel sure a hunter can kill a really big deer there on such a year as we passed up many that would have been Booners if they had been in tact. That is my last deer hunt for the year.

I plan on taking one of my sons tonight with a  crossbow here in KY. With the bitter temps, a little snow and a west wind, I am hoping he will get a crack at a decent buck. I will report back if we have some success. Hunt hard…Tim H


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