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Father & Son Tag Ohio Bucks

December 26, 2009 by  
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Just got the following great father and son hunting story and picture from Leonard Bakker. He was hunting with his son Travis on his first deer hunt. They had a great day, both tagged a couple of great Ohio whitetails. Spending quality time with your kids hunting and putting meat on the table is as good as it gets. Way to go guys!

At around 8:00 am the large buck came out of a tree line, I took the shot after realizing how big he was, he ran about 40 yards and dropped.  We were hunting Clinton county Ohio, during gun season. It was Dec 5th, and we were in a double ladder tree stand together the whole day, this was the best part of it all. 

 At around 4 pm that afternoon my son Travis spotted a deer coming at us about 200 yards away, when he got into range, Travis took a shot with his youth 20 gauge and missed. Instead of trying to reload his gun, I handed him mine and he shot again, this time he connected with a soild hit in the lungs, it ran around 60 yards and went down.

This was Travis’s first year hunting and first deer, and this is my first monster buck, green scored 194 1/8!

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  1. Travis Bakker says:

    i feel so proud and accomplished of myself

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