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Father-Daughter Team Fill Tags

November 15, 2012 by  
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Joe Gizdic of Whitetail Properties and 12 year old daughter Jordan both had a great deer season this fall.  Jordan took this wide racked buck during the Illinois youth gun season. Joe was drew a tag in Iowa and shot a massive old buck with his bow. Congrats to the Gizdic family! Here are their hunting reports.

We were hunting our farm in Greene county, IL. We had a few trail photos of this buck but she actually wanted to hunt a giant we had been seeing.  When this deer stepped out she decided she liked his width and decided to shoot him.  Even on extremely well managed ground I let kids shoot whatever they want.  I strictly manage my farms but I don’t want any kids losing interest in hunting because they can shoot a spike or a young deer.  Jordan actually helps me plant food plots and trim treestands.

We were hunting a ground blind on the edge of a standing corn field overlooking standing bean and clover fields.  Access through the corn on a mowed path to overlook the beans and clover field which keeps you undetected to deer. It was an evening hunt on food.  Deer stepped out near another blind and stood broadside at 80 yards. This was her third deer in 3 years and now she is really hooked!


My good friend Tom Ware invited me to hunt his strictly managed Decatur county Iowa farm after I drew a coveted zone 5 permit. He had Reconyx trail cam pictures of this 5.5 year old buck he nicknamed Romeo because landowner got video of him last year “kissing” a doe decoy.

This buck has stickers on both G2s but the left G2 is particularly interesting with a “turkey foot” looking set of stickers.  Bucks home range was quite a bit farther south than the food plot I killed him in. Weather was extremely warm the first couple days of the hunt so we hunted water holes.  A cold front moved in with rain and high winds so we elected to hunt a box blind on a food plot.  Well it worked as several deer fed in the plot and all very early. Food plot is designed in an hourglass shape so any deer walking by are in range.

Buck worked his way in slowly towards the blind.  He took about ½ hour to cover about 80 yards, feeding slowly he stopped and made a scrape on the way.  I actually missed my first shot at him at 37 yards.  We still had an hour of daylight yet and I thought he may return due to the fact that most of the deer in the foodplot did not bolt or spook at the shot.  10 minutes later he came back and I shot him at 45 yards.  Turned toward me at the shot and I caught him in the neck and into the lungs.  Tracked him the next morning after some rain and found him after only 35 yards.

It took 4 years to draw an Iowa bow tag and I was lucky enough to hunt a good friends well managed farm.  It was pure luck that we caught a cold front in mid-October that got this big old buck on his feet in the daylight.  The wait was well worth it with this great deer of a lifetime!

Joe Gizdic


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