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Family Safari with Infinito Safaris-Part 2

September 11, 2013 by  
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Day 7, we drove back from Kruger, but made a stop at Life Form Taxidermy. We had a full tour, and the rest of the group had no idea what all went into taxidermy and between that and some of the huge lifesize mounts, they all were in awe. During that tour, Kristin told us she wanted to shoot something if we had time at the end, and she had her heart set on a giraffe! Talk about starting out big (she had never shot a rifle).

Day 8, Will and I crossbow hunted from blind, and he made a perfect shot on a duiker in the morning. Drew missed an impala, and then got a second chance and killed it with Charl. Drew also missed a zebra, and they had a 57” kudu at 150 yards, and he wouldn’t take the shot.

Drew-ImpalaWill-DuikerAaron-ImpalaAfter the wildebeest and zebra, he had no confidence. In the afternoon, Aaron killed an impala and Nick missed a couple. It was a good day with some rough spots in the middle, but the boys were learning as they were going.

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