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Family Safari with Infinito Safaris by Tim Herald

August 27, 2013 by  
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Charl of Infinito Safaris and I have been planning this hunt for almost 2 years. I wanted to bring my wife and 12 year-old twin boys, Will and Drew, to Africa for a PG hunt, and then when that was finished, I would go t o Mozambique. This was not to be a hard core hunt. I wanted my family to be introduced to and experience Africa, and hopefully love it like I do.

Charl and I decided to take my boys hunting for a few days,  then go to Kruger for a few days for a fun break, then come back and hunt a bit, and see how things went toward the end. About 7 months ago, my cousin Kristin was joking around that she wanted to go with us, so I invited her. 2 days later, she and her 12 and 16 year old sons, Nick and Aaron, were booked. They were mainly sightseeing, touring, etc., but Charl said if her boys wanted to shoot something, he could work it out. Neither of them had ever hunted anything, and Nick had never shot a gun.  I was able to take them to the range once before we left and Aaron was a natural and very good.

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  1. Steve Allen says:

    Just watched your Africa hunt where the PH accidentally got shot. We all hope and pray this never happens to us. It was big of you to show this to maybe get the point across to folks. I will say though that earlier in the hunt with your rifle over your shoulder you pointed your rifle directly at the camera numerous times. Does your camera man get hazard pay?? Don’t care if it was loaded or not. That is not a good habit.

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