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Early September Bowhunting

September 6, 2012 by  
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Early September Bowhunting by Tim Herald

I absolutely love early September bowhunting, and I honestly feel that it is one of the best times to take a good buck. This year, KY opened on September 1, and I felt very confident. I am hunting at home with my good friend Steve Hartley of Steve Hartley Outdoors. Steve had tons of good bucks on camera, and a few days before season, most were showing up in daylight.

On September 1, it was about 90 degrees, and the wind was right for a stand with a really nice 9-point and a 10 point that I thought was probably a shooter. An hour and forty-five minutes before dark, a very nice 8 point walked in and began feeding at 20 yards. I had lots of photos of him and had glassed him in a field one night. He was 20″ wide, but his tines were short. In trail cam photos, I thought his tines were only 3-4″, but studying him up close, they were more like 6-7″. Although very wide and a great buck, I just couldn’t bring myself to shoot him since I knew there were 2 bigger bucks around.

I ended up having 8 bucks in bow range that evening, but the wide 8 was the biggest. Hurricane Isaac drowned us on day 2.  Day 3, I went back to the same stand and saw deer immediately, but after an hour, the wind completely quit, and our scent was flowing down the drain where the deer come from. I decided to get out after being blown at a couple of times.

Day 4 found me at my son’s first football game, and day 5, I was finally going to get to hunt a stand where Steve had a 150=class 10 pointer and a huge bodied old 8 pointer coming in regularly. Wouldn’t you know with a  20% chance of rain, we got hammered by a huge storm in late afternoon and I never even got into the stand. I had been waiting 5 days for the right wind, and Mother Nature just wouldn’t allow it.

So here I sit on day 6. The wind, although very light is supposed to be right again for the stand I want to hunt, and I plan on trying it today. If it doesn’t pan out, I guess I will try tomorrow. That will be my last chance for an early bow hunt as I have some family commitments this weekend and leave for an Alaska Moose hunt on Monday. I sure hope to report back in with a  good KY buck here in the next day or two.

Hunt hard…TH

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