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Don’t Give Up: Late Season Hunting Can Pay Off If You Are Persistent by Tim Herald

December 16, 2013 by  
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It took the larger deer about 5 minutes to walk up the edge of the field and cut across just in front of us at 20 yards. Will was ready, and when the buck stopped, he sent a CX Maxima BlueStreak Crossbolt tipped with a Rage crossbow head into the unsuspecting deer. I felt like it was a good hit, but the Intercept is so fast, at 20 yards, you really can’t be sure.

We replayed the video, and it looked like Will had hit perfectly left and right but might have been a little low. George and I both agreed that he either got heart, or he shot too low and we were going to have a mess on our hands. There was trickling blood from the very spot where the deer was hit, and it was so cold the blood was almost instantly crystalized.

We slowly tracked the buck into the woods, and when we found where he jumped a fence, George and I discussed backing out. I told him I had heard something in the woods, and I would like to go 100 yards further, and if we didn’t find him, we could back out. After the fence, the buck began bleeding more, and within 50 yards we found him piled up.

He was a nice management 8 point with a squiggly kicker on one base to make 9, and just a good buck to get out of the herd. Although he has killed bigger deer, Will was thrilled and said it was one of his most exciting hunts because he got to see the deer approach for 5 minutes. This was also Will’s first video buck.

Salt River Outfitters put me on a nice KY 10 point in early Sept., and came through with Will a late season buck as well. George is dialed in on his deer for sure, and as far as a quality deer hut goes, his prices are just plain CHEAP!!!

I guess now with this late success, I am going to have to take my other twin Drew hunting over Christmas Break!

Hunt Hard…Tim H.


3 Responses to “Don’t Give Up: Late Season Hunting Can Pay Off If You Are Persistent by Tim Herald”

  1. Lou says:

    Are you the motherfuckers shooting elephants? What a bunch of giant assholes. What a creaking bunch of fucked up assholes! Fuck you!!

  2. Jason Smitty says:

    Nice shot on a great Wisconsin Buck!

  3. Kate Kingsbury says:

    Do you know of any classes in Kentucky for youth hunters that are coming up my son is 9 almost ten and wants to go hunting with his grandpa and I’m not sure of requirements and I’d like to know. Please if you have any information regarding this please help me. Thanks for your time and anything will help.

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