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Don’t Give Up: Late Season Hunting Can Pay Off If You Are Persistent by Tim Herald

December 16, 2013 by  
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Will-and-TimFor many, including myself, it is hard to get motivated to hunt whitetails in the late season, especially if you are in a state that offers archery after the main rifle or muzzleloader seasons. The deer have usually really been pressured, and unless you have cold temps, they move mainly at night. Plus, let’s be honest, it is uncomfortable most of the time hunting when it is really cold.

This season, just due to my schedule and my family’s, I didn’t get to hunt as much with my sons in October and November as I usually do. Neither had killed a deer, which has not happened since they were in kindergarten. My friend George Cummins at Salt River Outfitters here in KY had been keeping his eye out for a buck or two for my boys, and he called a couple days ago and said he had a 3 year old management buck that had been showing up in daylight regularly by one of his ground blinds, and I needed to get Will out there to hunt.

The boys don’t get home from school until 4:30PM, and that doesn’t leave us time to get anywhere to hunt before dark, so when the temps for Dec 12 showed COLD and the wind was right, I decided to let Will skip a couple hours of school.

We climbed in the blind about 3:00 and got Will’s Carbon Express Intercept crossbow set up on his BOGPOD. We had seen a lot of deer on the road driving in, and I expected to be covered up with deer, but at 4:45 we had only seen a button buck. About 5:00, a young 8 pt stepped into view from our right at a mere 10 yards and began to feed. Will wasn’t going to shoot him but shifted to get into position, and the buck got nervous and left. Just then, George, who was running video camera for us, said he could see the deer we were after about 100 yards out on the field edge. That is what really spooked the small buck.

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3 Responses to “Don’t Give Up: Late Season Hunting Can Pay Off If You Are Persistent by Tim Herald”

  1. Lou says:

    Are you the motherfuckers shooting elephants? What a bunch of giant assholes. What a creaking bunch of fucked up assholes! Fuck you!!

  2. Jason Smitty says:

    Nice shot on a great Wisconsin Buck!

  3. Kate Kingsbury says:

    Do you know of any classes in Kentucky for youth hunters that are coming up my son is 9 almost ten and wants to go hunting with his grandpa and I’m not sure of requirements and I’d like to know. Please if you have any information regarding this please help me. Thanks for your time and anything will help.

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