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Derek’s Late Season Iowa Monster Buck!

January 4, 2011 by  
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Here’s the latest Iowa monster buck taken by the Whitetail Properties team. Paul submitted this hunting report on Derek Grimsrud’s late season muzzleloader 200 class buck. Check out those brow tines, unbelievable. Beautiful buck, congrats to Derek!

Believe it or not the pictures attached is the third deer we took this season over 200”!  Derek picked up sheds off a deer we named “the big 8” last year and the sheds score in the 170s. Derek waited until the time was right to hunt the food a blizzard had started and it was frigid, cold and very windy in Southern Iowa. He had lots of does and small bucks come by and all of the sudden the Big 8 stepped out right in front of them.  Derek made the shot with his T/C Smoke pole at about 65 yards in the standing beans during a snow storm.  We knew he was big but when we got up to him he was even bigger.  This giant buck grosses 204 inches non-typical, it’s main frame grosses 176 typical as an 8 point and has 28 inches of abnormal points.


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