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Day 5 Niassa Mozambique by Tim Herald

August 5, 2012 by  
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Day 5 Niassa Mozambique

Today I had the most exciting hunting morning of my life. We went and refreshed a bait that had not been hit, and after we drove about 300 yards, I looked to my left and there was a huge black maned lion standing on a rock outcrop at 50 yards. Of course I was yelling for Stu to stop, and we glassed him for a few seconds, then he laid down. Finally he turned and slinked over the hill.

He was the lion of my dreams! They don’t get MGM’s here, but he had a very full, completely black mane.

So we go back and add more meat to the bait, and Stu and I get out and put out a trail cam while the trackers went to drag an opposite direction. In 3 minutes they are back and say they have seen the lion very close, so Stu tells them to take the truck away.

We get behind some palms, and get on the sticks. Within 2 minutes, here he comes straight at the bait! He walks straight at my gun barrel, and stops at 40 yards. Safety is off, crosshairs 2″ below his chin, and I am waiting on the word, but it never comes. Finally he swung his head to his left and trotted off.

His face was not scarred, and Stu just did not want to call him 6 years old. He feels that he is 100% 5 or older, but no scarring has him worried. He said he is the best dark maned lion he has ever seen here, and one of the best 2 manes here that he has ever seen.

Yes- I am disappointed. To take that animal out of a blind, coming at us, etc. would have been unreal, but if he isn’t 6, he isn’t 6.  Spent the rest of the day hanging hippo and dreaming about that site picture of the great cat in my scope. No matter what, I will never forget one single second of that encounter.

Days 6 and 1/2 Day 7- We checked baits, and looked for plainsgame. Nothing on bait now except a lioness. I did take beautiful Bohme Zebra both days for rugs and more bait. My next installation will be about the afternoon of day 7, and the worst nightmare of my life…

Hunt Hard…Tim

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