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Danielle’s First Deer with a Bow

September 10, 2012 by  
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Great kid’s hunting post sent in by a rightfully proud Uncle Mike. Congrats Danielle! Season is finally here, send us your story and get published!

A three year quest comes to an end as my niece arrows her first deer with a bow.  Thirteen year old Danielle Hockensmith harvested this nice velvet buck on the second day of the Kentucky archery season.

Danielle comes from a hunting family and harvested her first deer at age nine using a rifle.  She followed up the next season, harvesting a buck with a crossbow.  This experience convinced her that the “in your face” style of hunting that archery offers is what she relished.  The following summer her father purchased a youth bow for her and she began her quest to fill her tag with a bow.

Danielle practiced hard all summer and spent several days in the blind that first season, but after several close encounters and passing on does and smaller bucks, she was unable to harvest a deer with her bow.  She returned the next season even more determined but again was unable to close the deal on a deer she wanted.  She was able to harvest a tom that fall, her first animal with a bow.

She spent this past summer practicing with her new bow, Quest Torch by G5 and studying trail cam photos.  One particular deer stood out on the photos, one she nicknamed “peace out”, because of his unique crab claw and beams that turned up on the ends. The morning before the season opener, while on her way to school she saw this deer cross the road in front of their house.  Based on this sighting she decided to hunt the blind closest to this crossing. The opening day of season passed without seeing a deer.  They returned the following afternoon and shortly into their hunt had a nice buck pass through, but were unable to get a shot.  A few minutes later she looked out of the blind to see a familiar sight, in full velvet, the two-year old buck she called “peace out”.  She quickly prepared for the shot and when the deer offered an opening she settled on a spot and touched off the release.  The arrow found its mark behind the front shoulder and the deer ran 30 yards before expiring beside the blind.

Congratulations to Danielle and her dad.  Their efforts and perseverance paid off with a hunt that neither will soon forget.

Mike Hockensmith

Gear used:  Quest Torch bow, Victory V-Force Junior arrows, Black Gold SD sights, QAD arrow rest, Muzzy MX-3 broadhead and Scott Little Goose release.


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