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Dalton’s Big Kansas Buck

December 12, 2010 by  
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Proud Dad, and reader Wes Tillison from Oklahoma provided this awesome story and pictures from a hunt with his son Dalton in Kansas. Hey, it doesn’t get much better than this! Congrats Dalton!

My 15 year old son, Dalton harvested this 150 class whitetail buck with his bow in Kansas on November 10, 2010. We were hunting on Bow Creek in Rooks County Kansas. It was a pretty cold morning, my son was sitting in his tree stand right on the edge of a CRP field & the north side of Bow Creek. I was sitting in my tree stand about 75 yard behind him on the south side of Bow Creek. About 45 minutes after daylight him and I both heard a truck sliding with his horn blowing in the gravel road about a 1/4 mile north of us. Soon after we both saw what we thought was a decent buck chasing a doe across the CRP field toward our direction. They ended up going about 100 yards to the east of us into the creek bottom timber. Through out the rest of the morning we could see him with binoculars chasing the doe around in the timber to the east of us but we could not get him to come our way. At 11:45 am we decided to sneak back to the truck and go eat some lunch. I told him that maybe they would bed down and still be there when we come back for the evening set.

At 1:30 pm we climbed back in our treestand’s hoping we would get an opportunity to see the buck again. The afternoon went by with no sightings of the buck or doe. At 4:30 pm we saw the buck chasing the doe again to the east of us in the same area they were that morning. They started heading back out in the CRP field, at that time I grunted 4 times. They both stopped and looked our way. The doe turned and came right down the trail that ran about 20 yard in front of my son’s treestand. She continued past my son and went down in the creek. The buck turned and came down the same trail but stopped about 40 yards out behind some tree’s. He stood there looking around and smelling the air for what seemed like forever with my son at full draw. I was watching everything unfold with my binoculars. The buck finally walked down the trail and out from behind most of the trees at about 27 yards. There were still a few small limbs in the way. All the while Dalton was still at full draw. The buck finally turned broadside and my son released his arrow. The arrow was true and dropped him in his tracks. After waiting about 20 minutes I climbed out of my tree on the other side of the creek and walked over and met Dalton at his tree. We slowly walked over to the buck which was already expired. My son and I exchanged lots of hugs and high five’s. We began to admire the deer and realized what a true trophy he was for anyone let alone a fifteen year old. His buck has 9 points and gross scores over 150″ and field dressed out at 215 lbs.

My son and I have been hunting together since he was 4 years old. Although he has harvested quite a few bucks in Oklahoma this is his best buck ever. I told him this was a buck of a lifetime but he told me he plans on getting many more bucks of a lifetime! He’s probably right. This was the best father and son experience anybody could ever ask for.

Thank you,

Wes Tillison


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