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Colorado Muzzleloader Mule Deer: New Gear

September 2, 2010 by  
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I am one week away from flying to Colorado for high country mule deer hunt. Man, my anticipation and excitement is peaked, my TC Triumph is shooting like a champ and I’m in shape for the mountains.  This didn’t happen overnight. I’ve been getting ready for this hunt since the beginning of the year.  It’s tough to make the time to get ready but if you want that  monster buck you better have a plan and start early. Don’t wait until the last minute when getting ready for that out of state hunt.  Rushing at the last minute or settle for something that “sort of” works will come back to haunt you, odds are something will fail when the moment of truth comes.

Here is some of new gear and equipment that I have bought, tested, liked and will use on this Colorado deer hunt. There are links to the manufacturer’s websites so you can easily check out their entire product line if you’re interested.

1. TC Triumph muzzleloader in .50 caliber. The new breech plug is sweet feature and makes cleaning a snap. I also like the lighter weight of this rifle compared to my Omega. If you’ve hunted at 12,000ft you now how important shaving off a about a pound can be.  This rifle shoots 3″ groups at 100 yards with open sights, 245 grain Powerbelt bullets and loose powder. Colorado law prohibits sabots, scopes and pelletized powder so this will be a great set up for out there.  I’m confident it would shoot 1-2 inch groups with a good scope and sabots.

2. Wilderness Athlete powdered drink mix. It’s cool to be Superman.  I bought a carton of Energy and Focus mix and carton of Hydrate and Recover. You mix these together in a water bottle, shake and you get what guys call the “Superman” drink. Why, because it tastes good and gives your body the nutrition it needs to get you through a tough day in the back country plus muscle recovery for the next day. It’s also been a great addition to my training routine.

3) Blackhorn209 powder. This powder shot very well through my Triumph and is less messy than Pyrodex. The company claims it is less corrosive too. This powder is loose, not pellets, as is required by Colorado law.  I’m shooting 100 grains behind a 245 grain Powerbelt ballistic tip bullet with open sights. A big buck within 125 yards is in trouble.

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