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Colorado Archery Mule Deer Hunt

September 11, 2009 by  
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Colorado Archery Mule Deer

I just returned from my first hunt of the 2009 season out in western Colorado. I bowhunted muleys in the river bottoms and alfalfa fields with Steve Meng of Steve and I both took great bucks after a lot of trial and error. Spot and stalk bowhunting is always a challenge, but figure in 4-9 bucks per bachelor group, open terrain, long range shots and this hunt might push you to your limits.

As for gear, I shoot a Hoyt Vectrix XL and Steve shoots a Mathews Switchback XT. We both shot Carbon Express 350 Maxima arrows tipped with awesome shooting Slick Trick 100 grain 4 blade broadheads. High quality binoculars, spotting scopes and rangefinders are invaluable, we primarily used Swarovski, Leupold and Leica. The weather was pretty warm so our camo and boots were all light weight with camo well suited for open country. Synthetic apparel generally works better than cotton when it’s hot, Under Armour loose fit is a good choice.

Steve's 170 class Colorado mule deer

If you truly love hunting monster bucks like I do you would enjoy every minute of this challenging deer hunt! Check out my Outfitter review at Good luck this season and please send us pictures of the big bucks you harvest this fall!

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  1. it is actually hard to master archery, it took me 2 long years to be a master of archery `

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