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Christmas Gift Idea for Deer Hunters

December 4, 2009 by  
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Want to get great pictures of your next deer when no one is around to help? One of the tools that I carry in my pack makes this possible, the Gorillapod. These handy little tripods are very light and flexible. They attach directly to your digital camera and using the camera’s timer you can take excellent pictures of you with your deer before you field dress it, while still in the field. These pictures are generally look much better than pictures of the deer laying on the ground without you, in the back of your truck, garage etc.  When you get that monster buck down be prepared to get a great picture that will last a lifetime.


I own two models of the Gorillapod, the smaller original for rugged western trips and the larger SLR for midwestern whitetail hunts. Prices for these models are reasonable, running from about $20 to $40. Check out their website for more info, to order direct or find a retail store near you. Cabela’s also has them available. Good hunting!


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  1. Amy says:

    Personalized Deer Hunting Frames – very popular – great gifts to remember the occasion

  2. Christmas is nearing again gotta prepare some great Christmas Gifts;’,

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