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Christian County Kentucky Rifle Kill by Boyce Flener

December 7, 2012 by  
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This buck had been on our hit for our Christian county farm list since summer.  We have numerous trail cam pics of him.  He is a main frame 10 with a kicker off his right G3, so we called him GS3.  Since we had trail cam pictures of him in several different locations, I felt I had a good idea of his core area.  Within that area is a hardwood ridge covered in white oaks and an old logging road running along the top of the ridge.  It was a perfect place to use Tink’s power scrape and make some mock scrapes.  Several bucks starting working the scrapes and GS3 was one of them, so we hung a Lone Wolf set near the scrapes in a large white oak.

On the fourth day of gun season the wind had turned favorable for this stand, so Derek and I headed into this set around 11:00am to sit the rest of the day.  We had been keeping BB2 in front of one of our cameras there, so I took in a small bag of BB2 to freshen it up and hit the scrapes with the Tinks before ascending my stand.   I was still at the base of the tree attaching bags and cameras to the pull rope for Derek when I heard the familiar sound of a deer walking in the woods.  I looked up and it was GS3!  There was no mistaking the kicker on his G3.  At this point the camera was still on the ground next to me.  I motioned to Derek to pull it up.  He had heard the buck too and was on alert.  While we’re getting the camera up the tree, this buck is chowing down on BB2 and has no clue we are there, but about the time Derek let me know he was on the deer, the buck turned and starting walking straight toward me.  Just when he cleared some brush for an open shot, the buck spotted me.  I knew it would be short footage for the camera, but I was afraid if he spooked at this close range he might leave the area or go nocturnal and I would never see him again.  So I took the shot!

After reviewing the footage and not finding any blood, we decided the shot was marginal and chose to back out and come back the next morning to search for him.  The next morning we began a grid pattern from the last place we saw him and soon found him no more than 100 yards from where I shot him.  This stand was hung to specifically target this buck, but I never expected him at 11:30am.

Boyce Flener

Agent, Land Specialist

Whitetail Properties


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