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Chris Tags His Trophy of a Lifetime

November 26, 2011 by  
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Hi, my name is Chris Miraglia and I am a passionate hunter from Ohio. My journey began on July 21, 2011 when I placed my Cuddeback trail camera outback in a 3-acre wood lot. That same day I spotted “Big Boy” on my Cuddeback trail camera and my whole world had changed!

My wife said “all you can do is eat, sleep and think about that deer” since that day I first seen “Big Boy”. I never thought there could be a deer like that around my area of land. So the planning for “Big Boy” began. Instead of going to deer camp this year I had a monster target in mind close to home. In the middle of September 2011 I paced my ladder stand in the woods. Why not get the deer used to the stand in the tree. As soon as the stand went up the pictures of “Big Boy” disappeared. I thought at that point I had blown it.

Earlier in the season “Big Boy” was running with a 140-150-class nice 8-point buck that kept coming in. It took all I had not to shoot it. It was very temping! I just kept telling myself “Big Boy” will be back.

On October 14th and the 21st of 2011 I did a Tink’s #307 drag through the woods. I had also put out an Active Scrape dripper. Both weekends were like magic! My wife and I had the opportunity to see two bucks fighting and rubbing trees in the backyard. It was so exciting! Bucks never seen before were showing up rubbing and scrapping.

On Monday, October 24, 2011 I got home from work and checked my Cuddeback trail camera. Low and behold “Big Boy” was on the camera again! So exciting. My adrenaline was rushing and I kept telling myself “Big Boy” would be back. He sure was later that day.

On October 24, 2011 I arrowed a magnificent Whitetail of a lifetime using a Bear TRX400 compound bow. I also used a Goldtip arrow and a Spitfire broadhead. Unofficially is has been scored as an 18 point and green scored 194 non-typical.

Trophy of a lifetime! Dream of a lifetime!


3 Responses to “Chris Tags His Trophy of a Lifetime”

  1. Ed waite says:

    I put an official tape to this incredible buck on 25 November. Using the Buckmasters Trophy Records scoring criteria, I came up with a composite score of 201 3/8 inches, including an inside spread of 24 5/8 inches.

    Congratulations Chris!

  2. Awesome deer Chris, great job!

  3. Chris Miraglia says:

    Thanks Matt, Nice Deer Yourself there Matt.

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