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Choosing a new GPS…Garmin Oregon 200

February 27, 2010 by  
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Last September I spent the night under a bush in the middle of grizzly country because my group couldn’t find camp in the dark after a 6 mile hike back through the mountains. We were in the vicinity of where we had regularly seen a big sow grizzly with two 100 pound cubs. Needless to say, it was a miserable night.

Now, why were we in this situation? We were in this situation because I didn’t bring along a GPS. Why didn’t I bring a GPS? I guess out of stupidity, but I consciously didn’t bring mine because it is an ancient unit that is big, heavy and hard to use. I thought it wasn’t worth the trouble…

After that night, my mind changed, but I also know that there are tons of great GPS models out there today that are small, light and incredibly easy to use. I have been researching GPS units, and I think I have finally made a decision on the model I will order; the Garmin Oregon 200.

The Oregon 200 has a color touch screen that is viewable in sunlight. To me, touch screen on a GPS makes it so much easier than keeping up with which button controls what on each screen. It is basically self explanatory. Some of the reasons I am choosing the 200 is long battery life on AA batteries, built in world base map, the ability to store 1000 waypoints and 50 routes, hunt/fish calendar, moon and sun info, and the fact that it is waterproof.

For a hunter or fisherman, this small unit will do it all, and do it easily. This isn’t a unit that you will have to reread the manual every time you take it in the field.

The Oregon 200 also has the ability to accept maps from mini SD cards, or from your computer. What does this mean? You can download a detailed street map of North America, and the unit will give you turn by turn directions just like the popular car GPS units. You can download topo maps, marine charts and many other useful map systems.  

For me, when considering price and options, the Oregon 200 seems to be the best fit. I can’t wait to get start using one on my next hunting adventure…

Hunt Hard…Tim H.


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