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Chelsea’s buck by Derek Carey

December 23, 2011 by  
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Here’s a great hunting story submitted by a young man in Michigan who introduced his girlfriend to deer hunting. Looks like she’s taken to the sport pretty well. Congrats Chelsea!

Chelsea and I began scouting and setting up stands in September. We sat in several stands together trying to pattern the deer and to see what the herd was like on my grand fathers land in Calhoun county Michigan. Several trail cam photos showed that we had several mature whitetail bucks in the area that any hunter would be proud to harvest. We were also able to see some of these bucks in person while scouting. After the intense scouting and practice shooting with a TenPoint Turbo XLT crossbow October 1st came and we began hunting the archery season.

Chelsea was always telling me that she wanted her first deer to be a mature monster buck. I was frequently telling her that she should lower her goals on a first deer and that she should take a younger 8 point if the opportunity arose…..boy she soon showed me. After letting over 10 bucks walk in bow season and the big shooters only coming within 60 yards she was beginning to get discouraged. I wanted nothing more than for Chelsea to get her first buck hunting with me in her first season. After all she was doing everything right, scouting, practice shooting, and following Quality Deer Management (QDM).

Soon the opener of gun season on November 15th came and her excitement rose again since we had seen several of the monster bucks at 60 yards during bow season. Just several days into the season while sitting in a ground blind we spotted a buck coming from a crossed the field. We knew immediately that it was a shooter. The deer was trotting right towards us and I whispered to Chelsea that I was going to stop him and that as soon as I did she had to shoot. At 40 yards I let out a yelp and the deer stopped but not fully quartering towards us. Chelsea took the shot with her 20 gauge hitting the deer in the neck passing through the rib cage. The deer collapsed 35 yards from where she took the shot and she immediately began screaming I did it! I did it! I knew that she had shot a buck of a lifetime but she still had no clue what kind of deer she had just taken. As we approach the deer it became familiar that this was a buck we had spotted on the trail camera several times and nick named him “skyscraper” because of his very tall G2’s at around 11”.

This story was not only one of the happiest times of Chelsea’s life but also of mine. I have harvested numerous mature whitetails in my day but had never felt as happy as to see my girlfriend harvest one. In closing Chelsea did everything right and it paid off for both her and I in the end. I never knew that I would get so much joy out of getting someone else into the sport.


Derek Carey

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2 Responses to “Chelsea’s buck by Derek Carey”

  1. Greg Fowler says:

    Derek – your crazy if you don’t marry Chelsea! She sounds like a keeper. Nice work Chelsea, you rock!

  2. Mike says:

    Very cool Derek. It’s always nice to get someone you love to spend time with in the woods! Plus walking out of the woods dragging a buck like that. Congrats Chelsea way to go. She is a keeper!!!!

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