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Buck of A Lifetime!

January 7, 2009 by  
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Posting an email that was sent to me…

My name is tracy butler.Ilive in breckinridge county kentucky. I took this buck in 2007 season with a 7mm Mag rifle.
I tried to take him with a bow and could not make it happen.I missed this deer in 06 season with my bow at 28 yards.
I finally saw him again in 07 during The last week of season.He was also missed by my mom who really got tore up over it.
After she missed him he would not show his self for about 2 weeks into the season.We hunted him hard around his core area with
out going into his bedroom. I tried once and it did not work out in my favor.So i just started hunting around the edges of it.Finally
he showed his self.There was about 6 does come out of the thicket and started to feed.Well i thought i should get ready for something good to happen.When i did
my tree stand made a loud pop.Then the does ran off.About a half hour later i thought when the hunt was over i was fixing to climb down i heard a loud grunt
coming from the thicket.So i eased back into my stand,After a few seconds out walked the deer that was making the grunts.It was just light enough to see it was a really nice buck .When he finally gave me a shot i took it.When i climed down and walked up to him he was a monster.

Main beams  28 1/8  Right  27 5/8 Left.
G1   4        Right    3 7/8 Left.
G2  10 5/8  Right   11 2/8 Left.
G3  10       Right    10 4/8 Left
G4   9 3/8  Right     8       Left
He had a total of 13 Points,18  7/8 abnormal points.

Inside spread        22 5/8

Greatest spread    24 1/8

Boone & Crockett   Non typical   Net   200 2/8    Final  196 2/8


3 Responses to “Buck of A Lifetime!”

  1. alex lennartson says:

    that buck would be a buck of a life time!!!!!!

  2. cody compton says:

    That buck is little…lol im gonna have 2 show you where the big bucks are…..

  3. cody compton says:

    thats a pretty good buck uncle im glad you got him it would have been better if i killed him oh….lol

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