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Bryan and Martin Put Down Big Bucks in Kansas and Ohio

December 13, 2010 by  
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Here are a couple more happy American Hunters! These guys harvested their bucks during gun season in their home states of Kansas and Ohio. Sounds like Bryan had some experience with this same big buck earlier in bow season. Looks like he closed the deal in round 2 of his hunting season. Congrats to both Bryan and Martin on a couple of great whitetails!

I shot this buck on the last few minutes of the first day of rifle season in Southeast Kansas..I had missed it at 18 yards with my bow four weeks ago to the day. I figured I would never see him again. But as daylight faded, he walked within 30 yards of my stand but I didn’t have a shot. Finally after what seemed like forever, he walked away but to a place where I had a opening to shoot. I dropped him on the spot only feet away from where I had picked up my arrow from my heartbreaking miss. (the second arrow that is, he gave me a second chance, but I missed again). He is my biggest buck to date but I haven’t had anyone score him yet.


Bryan Mahnken


Martin Forman’s email said he shot this nice 8 point during Ohio’s 2010 gun season. He used his Thompson Center Omega muzzleloader to drop the mature buck. As you can easily see from the picture, Martin’s son Holt is very excited about Dad’s buck and can’t wait to go hunting someday too!



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