Friday, October 9th, 2009



Wasp Jackhammer 100 grain

Accuracy 5 points
Plywood 3 points
Steel drum 2 points
Orange 2 points
Blades 3 points
Cutting diameter 4 points

Total score: 19, Blade sharpness rating of B



The Wasp Jackhammer is a three blade mechanical head. The blades are held closed by an O ring. Their accuracy is excellent, grouping right with my field points. The Jackhammers have a fairly wide cutting diameter 1 ¾”, and the blades are reasonably sharp out of the pack. My only complaint would be that they are slower to open than many other mechanical heads I have tested. I would say they open just a bit faster than the Spitfires made by new archery products. They are also fairly strong, and the blades have little cutouts that allow you to tie them shut for practice.

In the Orange test the Jackhammer only partially opened by the time it exited the far side. In the plywood it did not fully penetrate, but did get most of the way through without any damage. In the steel drum the head penetrated the first wall, and bounced off the far side. One blade had the tip bent, but it was minor, and no cutting ability was lost.

Overall I liked the jackhammers, but they are slower to open than most other heads. They however are strong and sharp. The cutouts in the blades make practicing with them a snap by simply tying the blades shut with dental floss or serving thread. If you are looking for a strong head with a larger cutting diameter the Jackhammers would be a good one to take a look at.

Please note as more test information becomes available, it will be updated and posted.  Make sure you check back periodically to see if the head you're curious about shows up on the measuring tape.  If you’re interested in donating a head for testing, email or visit, Bows and Arrows forum and see 5shot.  Thank you and enjoy.  Return to the Main BroadHead Test Page.



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