Friday, October 9th, 2009



New Archery Products “New Razorback”

Plywood: 2 points
Steel drum: 3 points
Tire: 2 points
Cutting diameter: 3 points
Accuracy: 4 points
Blades: 4 points
Non-Mechanical head:  2 points

Total score:  20 - blade sharpness rating of A




This is New Archery products latest head. It is a 4-blade cut on contact style with a 1 1/8” cutting diameter. It also has the traditional “Razorback” rotating blade system. The blades actually rotate around the ferule. There are two main blades, and two smaller bleeder blades. They are encased in a composite material, which is wrapped around the main portion of the threaded ferule. 

 I found the accuracy to be very good, as good as any fixed blade head I have tried. In the plywood test the head penetrated up to the back of the blades, but not going all the way through. I had to dig it  out of the plywood, and I did so very carefully. I found that the two small bleeder blades had come loose from the ferrule. It appears as they are just pressed into the body, I am not sure, but once they are out, they are out. I guess you could use some epoxy to glue them back in, but it’s not something I would want to do for my hunting heads. In the tire it penetrated to the back of the blades, stopping short of making it all the way through. I do the tire test before the plywood, and I figure the 4-blade configuration slowed down the penetration, which I have found typical of 4 blade heads with the exception of the Muzzy 100 grain 4 blade.  In the steel drum, penetration was very good. The razorback went through the first side with the tip of the main blade sticking out the back. Remember though I had to shoot it without the bleeder blades. Here is where the problem comes in. The tip of the blade was all that was left! They main blade broke into several small pieces, and the composite portion of the ferule was split into 3 pieces. I was not really surprised though. I studied the head prior to testing it, and found some things I thought would be a problem.

Overall the razorback is a sharp good shooting head, but not very durable At 10 dollars a piece I think there are much better choices. There is potential for a very good head here, but it will take some major overhauling to fix some of the problems.

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