Friday, October 9th, 2009

It seems no matter where you go to ask advice on broadheads there seems to be some debacle.  Everyone has their favorite and every company has claimed theirs is the best.  Wish you could just get a comparison that is unbiased and fair?  Today is your lucky day.  Doesn’t matter if its 4-blade, 2-blade, mechanical or standard 3 blade designs. Want to know about Chisel tip, Cut on impact?

Brought to you by one of the esteemed members of are unbiased comparisons of all types of broadheads.  These tests were completed out of pocket or with donated heads, giving the tester complete autonomy and freedom to tell you how these heads really stack up.

The broadheads tested in the following pages were tested in the same fashion time and again.  Though these tests in no way replicate the effects on game animals, it is a fair and consistent test that only shows how these broadheads stacked up side by side in materials that would show toughness, durability and penetration.  So scroll down and see how your favorite head measured up. Maybe even find a new head waiting to be tried on the game animal of your choice.

Please note as more test information becomes available, it will be updated and posted.  Make sure you check back periodically to see if the head you're curious about shows up on the measuring tape.  If you’re interested in donating a head for testing, email or visit, Bows and Arrows forum and see 5shot.  Thank you and enjoy.



Tests: Plywood: 5 points for going all the way through without damage
4: points for going all the way through, but with damage.
3: points for going most of the way through, no damage.
2: points for going most of the way through, but with damage.
1: point for going most of the way through, but head destroyed
0: points for bouncing off.

Steel drum: 6 points for going through both sides, no damage
5: points for going through both sides, but with damage
4: points for going through one side tip sticking in far side, no damage.
3: points for going through one side tip sticking in far side but damaged.
2: points for going through one side, no damage
1: point for going through one side, with damage
0 points for bouncing off.

Tire: 4 points for going through one side without damage.
3 points for going through one side with damage
2 points for sticking in tire, no damage
1: point for sticking in tire, with damage.

Orange: 5 points for opening on the front.
4 points for partial opening on front
3 points for opening on back side
2 points for partial opening on the back, side
1 point for not opening

Cutting diameter: 5 points for heads 2 inches or larger
4 points for
heads under 2 inches over 1 3/16 inches
3 points for heads 1 3/16 inches to 1 1/8 inch
2 points for heads under 1 1/8 to 1 inch
1 point for heads under an inch

Accuracy: 5 points for flying like field points under all conditions
4 points for grouping with field points.
3 points for grouping well, but in different place than field points
2 points for not grouping well, but with stable flight.
1 points for erratic flight and grouping.

1 point is given to each
blade the head has
2 points for a head not being mechanical
1 point for rearward opening blades on mechanical heads

Blade sharpness ratings:
A: heads will shave hair very easy, it almost jumps off.
B: head will shave hair, but it does take some effort.
C: head will not shave hair
I will also give a, (+) for a head that I feel should have scored better, and a (-) for heads that I feel should not have done as well.

This is the best scoring system that I could come up with, it is not perfect, and does not indicate how a head will perform on game, but is only a comparison of heads and how they do in the test materials. All heads are shot on 430grain carbon arrows at roughly 265 fps. The plywood used is ¾ inch, and the steel drum is heavy gauge. I use the Muzzy 3 blade 100grain head as the standard in witch to judge all the test materials. When switching to a different drum, plywood or tire, I test shoot the muzzy head into the new material so as to make sure it performs the same as it did in the old materials. This way the tests are kept as consistent as possible. I try to be as fair and unbiased as I can, and only report what happens in the materials use for the tests. I will give an opinion and summery of the tests after I list the score and blade sharpness ratings. I do not use the blade sharpness as part of the total score as this is a very subjective test, and I do not feel it would be fair to use it as part of the total. I do feel that it is a very important part of a broad head test though, and should bear some weight on my overall opinion of a head.

Bear Razorhead Bear Razorlite 105 Grains Broadhead Bone Buster 125 grain
G5 Monotech 125 Grain B52 G5-Monotech 125 grain 3 blade Game Tracker first cut expandable
Game tracker first cut fixed blade 125 grain Golden key deadhead 100 and 125 grain Grim Reaper 100 grain
Golden key deadhead 100 and 125 grain Grim Reaper 100 grain Magnus 100 grain two blade screw in head
Magnus 125 grain 2 blade Magnus 125 grain Snuffers Magnus stinger 2 blade 100-grain head
Magnus stinger 4 blade 100 Muzzy 3 blade 100 grain New Archery Products “New Razorback"
New Archery Products 100 grain Shockwave New archery products Spitfire 3 blade New archery products Thunderhead 3 blade
Phantom 125grain 4blade Rocket Aeroheads Miniblaster Rocket Steel head 100 grain
Rocky Mountain Ti-100 Broadhead Rocky Mountain Warhead expandable Rocky Mountian Premier 100 grain Broadhead
Rocky Mt Snyper 100 grain Rocky Revolution Satellite Dead Ringer Broadhead
Satellite mag 100 grn test results Satellite titan 4 blade 125 grain Savora Champion 125
Slick Trick 100 grain 4 blade Steel force Premium 100 grain 4 blade Vortex 2” two blade mechanical
Wasp 100 grain hammer SST Wasp Jackhammer 100 grain