Friday, October 9th, 2009

Satellite Dead Ringer Broadhead


Satellite Dead Ringer

Accuracy 2 point

Plywood 3 points

Steel drum 0 points

Orange 3 points

Blades 3 points

Cutting diameter 4 points

Rearward opening blades 1 point

Image of Dead Ringer Broadheads

Total score 16 with a blade sharpness rating of C

The Satellite dead ringer is a rearward opening 3 blade mechanical head styled after the Rocky Mountain Revolution. The blades are held in place by an O- ring and when the front of the blades contacts the target the O- ring is pushed off allowing the blades to open. Since the blades deploy in a rearward manor there should be a pretty large entrance wound, something many mechanical heads donít offer.

  In the Orange test the head opened quickly fully deploying by the time it exited.  In the plywood the head burried up to the front of the blades, stopping short of full penetration and without any damage. In the steel drum the head bounced off the front wall and broke one blade off in the process. As far as accuracy goes this head was very disappointing. I found the flight erratic and almost unpredictable. I initially gave it a 1 for the accuracy score but after further study I decided a two would be more in line with the heads actual performance. In either case I found the accuracy to be poor at best.

  Overall I found this head to not be worth the trouble. For about the same price you can get the Rocky revolution, which is a much better broadhead.  I would not waste my money or effort on the ďdead ringers. Believe me there are a lot of excellent mechanicals on the market and this isnít one of them!

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