Friday, October 9th, 2009

Rocky Mountain Ti-100 Broadhead


Rocky Mountain Ti-100

Accuracy 4 points

Plywood 5 points

Steel drum 4 points

Tire 4 points

Blades 3 points

Non-mechanical head 2 points

Cutting diameter 3 points

Total score 25 with a blade sharpness ratting of A+

The Rocky Ti-100 is one outstanding broadhead. The Ferrule is made from Titanium while the blades are made of stainless steel. This makes for a very strong broadhead! The tip on the head is very sharp and resembles a cut on contact style head more than the typical chisel found on most replaceable blade heads today.

 I found the accuracy to be excellent, and the blades were very sharp out of the package. In the plywood test the head busted though with out any problems or damage. In the tire test the head penetrated the first side with several inches of arrow shaft, again no damage. In the steel drum the Ti-100 penetrated the first wall and the tip and part of the blades were sticking in the back wall. The head preformed every test with out any damage, and still remained accurate and very useable, provided you change the blades. This is one of the very best broadheads I have tested. I know they cost about twice as much as other heads of similar style, but with the titanium construction and super sharp blades I would say they are worth it. You can sharpen the tip if it gets dull, and with replacement blades these heads should last for a very long time. I suspect you will loose one before you destroy it!

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