Friday, October 9th, 2009


Bear Razorhead

Accuracy 4 points

Plywood 5 points

Steel Drum 4 points

Tire 4 points

Blades 2 points

Non-mechanical head 2 points

Cutting Diameter 3 points

Image of Bear Super Razorhead® Broadheads

Total score 24 blade sharpness ratting of C+

The Bear Razorhead has been around for a long time, and with good reason. This head is not fancy, but it gets the job done very well. I tested the head as a two blade. By doing so I kept the weight down to 130 grains. If it is tested as a 4 blade, by using the bleeder blades, the score would remain the same, even though the bleeders give the head two more points, they also break off pretty easy.

 The first time I tested the Razorhead I gave it an accuracy score of 3. Since then I have revised this to a 4. In further tests I have found it to be as accurate as any quality fixed blade head, and therefore I feel it deserves the 4 rating.

 In the plywood test the head penetrated fully without damage. In the tire it penetrated the first side with several inches of arrow shaft, again no damage. In the steel drum it penetrated the front fully with the tip and 1/3 of the blade surface sticking in the far side. This broadhead not only survived the tests, but with some sharpening, it would still be very serviceable for hunting. Like I said before, it’s not fancy, but it will get the job done very well. About the only thing I could find wrong with the head was the blade sharpness out of the package. It was not very good, but that was easy enough to fix with a good broadhead sharpener.

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