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Bowhunting Wyoming Elk with Tim Herald, Part 1

September 22, 2010 by  
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Tim emailed in these two hunt reports from his camp in Wyoming where he is chasing elk with a bow.

September 19, 2010

Arrived in Cheyenne, WY today at 1PM to bow hunt elk with my good friends at Table Mt Outfitters. I have hunted here a good bit, and my buddy Doug Stultz is once again my guide. I shot my Quest Primal, everything was still dialed in, and we were hunting by about 4PM.

It was 86 degrees today, and that was HOT. We knew the elk wouldn’t talk much, so we were going to just spot and stalk a little to start with. The adjoining ranch had a big forest fire, and we expected some elk to be pushed our way.

Within 5 minutes of walking, we saw a cow. A few minutes later, I spotted another cow through the aspens, and we heard a bull bugle a few hundred yards away 3-4 times. We worked the wind, and eventually we found a small herd of 8-10 cows and a nice 280ish 6×6 that went by about 80 yards out. He wasn’t what we are looking for this early in the hunt as they have been seeing a few bulls in the 320-350 range. So we didn’t pursue them.

No more elk after that, but it was still 75 degrees at dark. Tomorrow is supposed to be 85 again with 30mph winds, so it will be tough, but Doug says the elk have been more active in the mornings. Tuesday is supposed to cool off with a high in the low 70’s, so it will get better temp wise, but we are close to a full moon. It is not going to be easy, and I may kick myself for not trying for the 6×6 tonight, but we’ll play it out and see how it rolls.

September 20, 2010

62 degrees at daylight, the wind blew like crazy all day and it got to the mid 80’s. Tough day. First thing in the morning, we got on a bull that bugled maybe 10 times at us, but he never would close inside of 100 yards. We hiked a lot, and then went to another spot for the afternoon. We hiked in a couple miles, and made a blind setup. Doug dropped back and called for a while, and we heard nothing. When he decided we should go, he took about 3 steps and saw that a bull had slipped in silent and was at 30 yards. We don’t think he was real big, but that’s how it goes.

I heard a very distant bugle, and we took off and walked about a mile. At that point, we spotted some elk across a canyon maybe 500 yards. We were watching about 10 cows, and then I found a real nice bull. He ended up feeding out into the open, and we guessed him at 320 plus. He was beautiful. We had to hike a couple miles around to try to get with them, and eventually we got to about 200 yards and he was bedded. We made one final move and hoped to bugle close and get him to come in, but he just vanished. I don’t know what happened, but that is archery elk hunting. We will be back in there at first light in the morning. It is supposed to be cooler tomorrow, so hopefully it will get better.

Both of the other guys in camp shot bulls today and didn’t recover them.  Tough day in camp. Check in tomorrow…Hunt Hard…Tim H.

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One Response to “Bowhunting Wyoming Elk with Tim Herald, Part 1”

  1. DM says:

    “Both of the other guys in camp shot bulls today and didn’t recover them.”

    Is this because it was later in the afternoon and they decided to let them expire overnight? I am assuming that is the case. Hopefully it wasn’t due to bad shots on both.

    Let’s see if the next update includes the other guys recovering their bulls!

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