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Bowhunting Wyoming Elk with Tim Herald, Big Bull Down!

September 23, 2010 by  
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Tim sent in this hunt report just minutes ago from Wyoming. After a lot of hard hunting he closed the deal on an awesome non-typical bull yesterday evening.

September 22, 2010…

Morning started out with us finding the big herd looking like they were going to leave the property to go bed somewhere else. Doug made a big circle, cut them off and pushed them back into our ranch interior. An hour later, we were in them going crazy. We got as close as possible, and the big non-typical came within 65 yards a few times, but we couldn’t get him closer. Finally the herd moved across to the other hill across the canyon, and we let them bed and settle down.

About 2pm, we came back to get in them, and they were bugling like mad. We eased in as we could with the wind, and we spotted a real nice 6×6 running cows. We kept going with the wind, and after a while, we crossed the ridge and got in front of the herd. It was super brushy on the hillside, but we got to where we thought we needed to be.

A decent 6×6 crossed with some cows at 68 yards, then I could see more elk coming from right to left. A group of cows were coming close, so I figured I had a chance. A small 6x popped up at 24 yards, and then I could see the nontypical “sword” bull behind. He was coming, and I decided it was him or nothing. We bugled and moved our way, and as he cleared a small opening in the brush, I settled the 35 yard pin on him and touched my release. The Striker tipped Carbon Express actually touched a twig just in front of me, but it flew well and hit him just a bit back. I like to think it would have been perfect had it not hit the twig!

The Striker got one lung and liver, and the big bull took off with the herd, but soon fell behind. He made it about 200 yards and went down in sight on a sparsely  timbered hillside. The Sword bull was mine. He was a toad, body and antlers.

Another hunter in camp actually killed a satellite 6×6 from our herd within 5 minutes of me killing my bull. What an afternoon at Table Mountain! I really didn’t know if we could pull it off because the bulls just weren’t coming to the call. Spot and stalk archery elk hunting is no easy thing. The herd of over 100 really made it tough, and as my bull was the herd master, he always seemed to be in the middle of the huge group. Sometimes it just works out when you keep at it and hunt hard…Tim H.


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