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Bowhunting Alberta Whitetails with Tim Herald

August 27, 2010 by  
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Here is the latest report from Tim. You can follow him this fall as he chases big game across North America. We just posted his hunt schedule. If you didn’t see that post click here to read it. Tim doesn’t have great Internet access where he is staying but he was able to email me this hunt report and Bushnell trail cam picture.

This trip started badly with a cancelled flight that put us a night and half a day behind reaching our destination. I am hunting with Kenton Lein and Big Stone Outfitters in Manning Alberta. That is in the Peace River Valley about an hour north of Peace River.

We finally got to Manning about noon on opening day. I have a buddy in camp, and he has a mulie tag, and we found out he was stalking a double drop time buck when we arrived. We settled in, shot my bow, and headed to the stand about 3:30. We were hunting an overgrown field edge, and the bucks had been cruising it as they made their way to a canola field.  We have some trail cam photos of a couple good deer near this blind. About 8:00PM, we saw a buck headed our way, and he looked very tall. When he got closer, we could see he was a big bodied 3.5 year old, and he had a really messed up rack. He had a typical 4 point rack on one side that was tall, but none of the tines except his brow. The beam did go way up. he other side laid way in like it was mashed. It had a huge split brow, maybe 10″, and then on the beam, just a bunch of little 1-2″ points. If his good side had been tall, I would have considered shooting him. He was cool, but just not what we are after. He went by at 30 yards.

We saw a 2.5 year old 10 pointer later at a distance, and that was it. My buddy had a 25 yard shot at a 180 mulie and passed, on film! CRAZY…

The next morning, we went scouting, and we found a bachelor group of mulies with one dandy in the group. I got out my Nikon ED spotting scope, and I guessed him at an easy 190. He was a super high 4×4 with kickers on both sides, HUGE front forks, really good back forks, brow times and the left one was a triple. He was in a group of 5. We called our partners, and 20 minutes later they were on the stalk. We watched for about an hour, and then the bucks bedded, and we needed to go set my Primos Double Bull blind for the evening hunt.

That we did, just about 50 yards from our spot the night before, but we really brushed it in, and we could see the deer approach from farther. It looked good. Well, it didn’t really matter because we saw absolutely nothing all evening. The deer population here is not high, but there are some big ones. I guess that’s the trade-off. My buddy made it to 70 yards on the big mulie, and it got up and fed the other way. Just plain bad luck.

Rain set in overnight, and it is supposed to rain nonstop for the next 48 hours, and winds up to 45mph. Things aren’t looking good. I will check back in soon with a report. This is the real deal, and is what wild whitetail hunting is about. There are no “gimmes”. Sometimes it is good, and sometimes it’s bad, and I am going to report on it either way. Hang in there with me.

Hunt Hard…Tim H.


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