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Boat Load of Bucks

April 9, 2008 by  
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Ok – so someone out there has to know the story, the REAL story, behind this photo.  I’ve seen this photo float thru my inbox for sometime now, one saying it was the end of a lease, the other was a game farm .. who knows?  If you know the low down on this pict give me a shout dan(at) .

Boat Load of Bucks!

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One Response to “Boat Load of Bucks”

  1. Derrick T. Brasure says:

    Every one of those bucks are outstanding specimen and not one of them is a little buck. Look at their clothes, no blood, one guy is even wearing a zip up fleece. I’m not saying that he can’t wear a zip up I mean I’m sure is reasonable for the weather but would you be wearing that after stacking 20 some deer? Look at the deer themselves, like you haven’t been doing that enough right? There’s no tongues, I know people try to stick the tongue back into the mouth for a picture but there isn’t even blood around the snout. Finally, there’s no drag marks, if those deer are that massive and by the look at some of their necks that they should be weighing in at around 200lbs. It’s a possibility, I’m not saying that all big bucks are heavy, it’s just an assumption.My guess, it’s a bunch of beautiful head mounts put into the leaves for a look of an amazing harvest.

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