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Bill’s Maryland P&Y Buck

November 16, 2010 by  
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Bill Collins sent us a story and pictures last year of his hunting, here’s the link if you’d like to check it out, This year he did it again in Maryland, taking this awesome P&Y class buck earlier this month and providing us with the following details. That’s three P&Y bucks in two years, congrats Bill!

After a long week of hunting the wood’s of Maryland, the weather had broke and the rut was starting to push into full swing.  It was the morning of November 5th and after missing a big 10 point buck at 8:00, Bill was wondering if he would have the opportunity to redeem his pride.  So after sitting a long 2 hours, realizing his string caught his jacket and kicked the arrow 2 feet to the left of that magnificent 10 point, a spike stepped out 50 yards behind him.  After seeing the spike look over his shoulder several times, Bill decided to utilize his Grunt call and Bleat can to draw in whatever was behind him.  Within 5 minutes this nice nine point buck stepped out to his right and with another grunt and bleat sequence this mature buck came in to a mere 20 yards before he unleashed a Magnus Buzzcut Broadhead to only watch him run 60 yards before going down.


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