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Bighorn Outdoors Team Has Great Season!

December 8, 2011 by  
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Tom King from Bighorn Outdoors sent in his overview of their team’s hunting season so far. Looks to me like they’ve had some big time fun this fall!

Our deer season started back in June when we started putting minerals in front of our trail cameras. We quickly learned that the bumper acorn crop from 2010 was a great benefit to the deer herd and huge blessing to us bow hunters. It seemed that bucks that would typically be in the 120 range were all of a sudden 130. The does didn’t look run down even while feeding twins and triplets. It was looking like the start of a great year for Team Bighorn.

Billy Metzler started this season off by arrowing a heavy horned 8point the first week of the season with his Darton bow. That allowed him to get behind the camera and film his nephew Zayne, Zaynes Mom Missy, Zaynes Dad Jered and “OL Bread Basket Bill”, Billy’s dad all take great bucks.

The early muzzeloader season in Kansas was real good to Matt, JL and JL’s Dad. They took a 187 Whitetail, a 185 Muley and a 195 Muley, WOW. I love Kansas. New Bighorn Prostaff Josh and Ross teamed up and put the Predator Camo to the test. They arrowed a Giant 160 class buck while sitting on the ground. Destin and Justin also had some eye level success. Justin filmed Destin run a Grim Reaper through his biggest buck ever while feeding in a Heartland Food Plot. I filmed Kirk miss a giant buck in Knox County but a few days later Kirk redeemed himself by running a Harvest Time Arrow through the same giant while feeding on End of the Trail from Heartland. Tom Rhoads took his daughter Kiley out and she arrowed  her first deer ever, a nice 10 point.

A week or two later as the rut was heating up, Florida Prostaff Dan Campbell gets off the plane at noon and Tom Rhoads videos him arrow his biggest bow kill ever. Tom did kill a nice buck himself but left the camera at home because of  the rain. A couple other Florida prostaffers came in for the rut and also harvested great bucks. Brian Sellers killed an awesome, wide 12 point and 9 year old Mason Godwin took his first deer with a bow.

On November 11th, 4 of us headed to Kansas to get our fix. After seeing 125 different bucks and passing on 4 bucks in the 140 range, I sent a Grim Reaper through a giant 5 year old 160 class buck. Troy Bronson also used his Darton to arrow a great 150 class 10pt. Sean Bogan was the lucky cameraman on that trip. He videoed us both whack our trophies.

Back in Ohio, Todd Dittoe and his sons all took great deer, a 120″, a 140″ and 14 year old Garret killed a Giant 160 class 8 point. This was definately a rut to remember here in Ohio and across the country. Bighorn Prostaff and owner of Southern Valley Taxidermy, Paul Clark settled for a 120 incher. I guess he figured he better get to work mounting all the bucks we killed.

On the other hand Ohio’s gun season was really weird. In my opinion the rut was so awesome that all the big bucks and mature does were wore out and holed up as tight as they could be. Plus the moon phase had the deer feeding just before daylight and right after dark. We still managed to take a few deer but the overall deer kill for the year is down from last year. I’m cool with that. I still have a buck tag in my pocket and I’m really looking forward to late season when the deer are yarded up into huge herds. The End of the Trail attractants/feed from Heartland will be a valuable tool in putting these wise old bucks right where we want them, in bow range.

We are selling a couple fully guided/video taped hunts this year to raise money for the Bighorn Outdoors Youth Adventure Program Camps. People always ask what they can do to help. Here is your chance, book a hunt, have a blast, kill a buck and ultimately help to raise money to fund this springs Youth Camps. Honestly, we have more shooter bucks left on our multiple spots than we have tags. Email me for more info on these hunts and our Youth Camps,


Tom King


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