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Bighorn Outdoors Nail Two Muzzleloader Bucks

January 14, 2011 by  
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Tom from Bighorn Outdoors sent me an update on their muzzloader season. Looks like they had an exciting hunt with friends and put a couple of great deer down on the snowy ground. Congrats to Matt and JL on a pair of super Ohio bucks!

I had to leave the ATA Show a little early this year because Matt and JL from Kansas were coming in to hunt Ohio’s muzzleloader season and bringing their wives. We had a ball visiting and relaxing in the new Bighorn World Headquarters. Thanks for all your help building this dream of mine. Oh yeah, we had fun freezing our toes off and killing both of these great deer on video too. Matt’s buck was 167″ and JL’s was 143″. Sean and I have hundreds of trail cam pictures of both deer. Yes, Sean and I still have our Ohio tags, but as most of you know, being behind the camera when someone puts it together like Matt and JL did is just as rewarding. If I can get Matt on another 700 inches of antler, we might be close to being even for all the help he has given me out in Kansas. And the Circle keeps growing and spinning…

Tom King, CEO Bighorn Outdoors TV &
Bighorn Outdoors Youth Adventure Program


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